Pelikan Classic Special Edition M205 DUO


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Product Description

The M205 DUO is a highlighter and a piston fountain pen at the same time – hence the name „Duo“. After the amazing success of the M205 DUO yellow, Pelikan launches the shiny green model for a limited time to complement the range.

As before, the green model is available with the extra broad stainless steel nib BB inside an attractive gift box that also includes one bottle of special highlighter ink in shiny green. Due to the extra broad nib, you can both highlight and take notes easily.

The highlighter inks should only be used in combination with the special Pelikan Duo Highlighter fountain pens, either in yellow or in green. Inside the bottle, the green doesn‘t really look shiny, but when you see it on paper, you‘ll be surpised!

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Fluo Yellow, Shiny Green

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