Pelikan Souverän® M 1000


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A true classic

In the year 1929 Pelikan was the first company in the world to introduce the differentiated piston mechanism. This technique causes the spindle inside the fountain pen to turn quicker than the end piece of the barrel, with the help of two different threads. To this date, this fountain pen exists in many different variations, and though it has been developed in design and technical details over time, the basic mechanism remains the same.

The characteristic double rings are integrated into the cap and barrel with the utmost precision. The writing instrument is then polished until it reaches a brilliant luster.

The fountain pen M 1000 with piston filling mechanism consists of an 18-carat gold nib with rhodium decor and is available with 4 nib sizes. The Souverän M 1000 is the biggest fountain pen within the Souverän collection, and it is only available as a fountain pen.

The writing qualities were carefully checked and tested by hand before it comes to you. Quality, made in Germany.

If you love classics, you own a Souverän writing instrument.

Additional information

Weight 0.033 kg
Dimensions 14.6 × 1.5 × 1.5 cm

Black, Black-Green

Nib Size

broad (B), extra-fine (EF), fine (F), medium (M)

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