CARAN d’ACHE Chinese Poem Silver 800 Fountain Pen Limited Edition

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The Caran d’Ache Chinese Poem is extremely limited and remarkably beautiful art. The body of the writing instrument is enrobed in rich, red lacquer, and encircled with an 800 sterling silver Chinese poem cage. The finished piece is enclosed in an elegant black lacquered box. A worldwide limited edition of only 50 pieces in solid silver. The poem, written by one of the most loved of the Tang poets, is translated as follows:

It is hard to meet; it is hard to part;
The east wind is weak, the flowers die.
With the spring silkworm’s death,
the threads end;

When the candle turns to ash, the teardrops dry.
The morning mirror frowns
on my newly cloudy hair;

At night reading poetry,
feel the moon’s cold stare.

The Magic Mountain is not so far from here;
A busy green bird will keep a careful eye.

                                          Li Shangyin


  • The pen comes with Medium 18K solid gold rhodium-coated nib
  • Card bearing the number 38 of the Private Collection is included
  • Swiss Made
  • Life-Time guarantee


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Dimensions 16.8 × 16.8 × 3.3 cm